Cat? Electronic Technician Maintain Productivity and Control Cost

obd2lily | 07 July, 2018 13:03


Quickly reduce engine and machine downtime, control costs and schedule repairs more efficiently by

diagnosing problems using Cat Electronic Technician (ET).

Cat ET is easy to use. The software accesses information from the electronic control modules on Cat

engines and equipment. Using Cat ET, technicians can view status parameters, logged codes, active codes,

perform functional tests, and record and view data logs of equipment operation.

Optimize Profitability

•    View active and logged diagnostic codes to quickly identify faulty sensors.
•    Review logged event codes to show engine overspeeds, high temperatures, and more.
•    Monitor fuel consumption.
•    Perform diagnostic tests to quickly identify the root cause of problems.
•    Calibrate key components to ensure maximum operating efficiency.
•    Use Data Logger to record real-time data.
•    View previously recorded data logs to monitor trends in the health of your equipment to ensure

peak performance.


Maximize Efficiency

•    Search help options to guide every task.
•    Retrieve engine data quickly for fuel used, miles traveled, idle time and hours operated.
•    Display status of engine speed, throttle position, timing advance, fuel flow and more.
•    Check an electronic control module’s configuration and change user settings.



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