Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P Shortcomings

obd2lily | 20 September, 2018 06:57

1. The Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P is not suitable for the low-end mechanics as the operational procedures are quite complicated. It mainly targets professionals in Auto-repairing and Garage Shops.
2. It is a high-end product and is not affordable to everyone who would want to use.

A Video about Autel MaxiSys Pro Vehicle Diagnostics and Reprogramming:

Why Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P?

1. Its quad-core processor, the Cortex-A9 Samsung Exynos 1.4 GHz, provides high processing speeds.
2. The compatibility of the device with other add-ons makes it possible to install a language pack.
3. The scanned data is presented as texts and/or graphs.
4. The device is compatible with a large number of vehicles.
5. Android Ice Cream 4.0 on which it runs enables multitasking and quick boot up. Almost 5 times faster than other diagnostic devices.
6. It is light, compact and robust. Therefore, you can carry and work with it anywhere without much hassle.
7. You can share data via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with other people in your team or print for hard copies.
It’s one of the best Professional Autel Scanners!!

Does Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P Suit You?

This Autel Scanner is mainly for professionals, those with Garage or Auto Repairing Shops.
It wouldn’t suit you if you are a single car owner. The design is meant to serve many people.
If you are an owner of a garage or car shop Autel Professional OBD2 MS908P, it could be of great help to you in getting things done fast.

Is It Worth Buying Then?

Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P from www.obd2tool.com is an all-round and powerful tool that I would definitely recommend to any professional mechanics in the auto-repairing business.

It can a long way in easing up and increasing efficiency in your engine diagnostics from all the features mentioned. The returns are a guarantee.

It is a current tool that is compatible with most vehicles models. With its ‘Future Proof’ feature, it is to remain relevant with new vehicle models being released.

Autel are very good with after-sale services and you are assured of getting updates every time they are done.

Autel Maxisys Elite vs Autel Maxisys MS908P

obd2lily | 11 September, 2018 10:55

To compare this product with its rival brands, let’s take an example of Autel Maxisys Pro MS908p.

This Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P offers ECU coding, programming, and extensive coverage.

But, a few users have complained that it loses communication with the Audi and VW car models.

In addition, if you select an option, it will display — your vehicle doesn’t support this function. This scan tool also provides frequent connection errors.

Thus, you will eventually have an utterly disappointing and frustrating experience.

However, the main difference between the Autel Maxisys is the CPU. The CPU of the Autel Maxisys Elite is NVIDIA Tegra Quad-Core Processor 1.8GHz.

While The Autel Maxisys Pro MS908p has the Samsung Exynos Quad-Core Processor 1.4GHz.

Thus, if you are looking for a reliable automotive scanner that’s worth your investment, then do not hesitate to buy Autel Maxisys Elite. This brilliant tool will always offer you a fast and excellent performance.


But if you don’t care much about the speed ,Obd2 tool Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P is also a great choice for you.


Super fast diagnosis
Auto-Vin Technology
Battery Recharge
Extensive Vehicle Coverage
Smart Screen
Sufficient Storage Capacity
Autofocus Camera
Easy Printing
High-Level Configuration
Compact and Light


The Maxisys Elite is not suitable for the low-end mechanics as the operational procedures are quite complicated. It mainly targets professionals in Auto-repairing and Garage Shops.
It is a high-end product and is not affordable to everyone who would want to use.



Mangoose Pro GM II Diagnostic & Programming FAQs

obd2lily | 07 September, 2018 21:27

Here are a lot of questions and answers of Mangoose Pro GM II (the dealer or the copy), including software compatible (Tech2Win and GDS2), comparison with GM MDI & Tech 2 & Snap On Solus, diagnostic & programming & reprogramming issues….

I prefer Mangoose Pro II because of price…what do you think..will it work with my corsa d without problem? Or GM MDI better?

GM Mangoose PRO only for Opel/Vauxhall/GM with Tech2Win and GDS2.
Full coverage diagnostic and SPS programming
GM MDI can be use as a passthru for other software too
This is one of the difference
Both are good

I really just want to know what software and equipment I need to get me going with the GM Cars I actually have for diagnostics and programming.

GM Tech2 scanner or Tech2 software can used with gds2 or mvci, genuine is little high, but cheaper you can get from chine,
other is Mongoose Pro GM II, depend what exactly you want to do.

Is this Mangoose Pro GM 2 that is listed on Drew’s website?

Yes, this is the same as the Mongoose Pro GM2.

Can you buy the china clone of Mangoose GM2? If so, how much are they?

I bought mine for 70usd off obd2tool.com

Will this interface perform diag. and programming on GM Global A vehicle (with SPS and GDS2)

Yes, the Mongoose Pro GM II will work with SPS, GDS2 and Tech2Win.

Is the MongoosePro GM II compatible with “Data Bus Diagnostic” Tool software?

Drew Tech has stated that as of early March 2015, the Mongoose Pro GM and the CarDAQ-M are both compatible with GM’s “Data Bus Diagnostic” Tool software.

When using Mangoose Pro GM II to SPS programming, does it program at the same speed as the GM MDI?

The MongoosePro appears to flash as quickly as the MDI.
The MongoosePro GM is definitely quicker than the Tech 2.

The MDI cost 4x more than the MongoosePro GM II but it is not 4x faster.

I have TIS2WEB, Tech2WIN, GDS2 & MDI. Is the MongoosePro GM II plug and play or does it needs to be configured?

The MangoosePro GM II is plug and play. Make sure to install the Tech2Win driver if you want to use the application.

Can this product be used as a replacement for mdi? Used for Tech2win and gds2?

MongoosePro GM II is compatible with Tech2win and GDS2 software for scan tool diagnostics, and it will flash GM-vehicles.

The MDI is a separate tool that is also compatible with Tech2win and GDS2.

Yes, the MongoosePro GM II is a replacement for the MDI.

Both tools do flashing.

Also, both tools require a subscription

Can you guide me the way to install Mangoose GM software?

First thing you need to do with this setup is access the Tech2Win driver settings.

Next trick I think is how to get security access.

In detail…

Can the MDI do more than Mongoose Pro GM II can?

I already have a Tech 2 and a GM subscription and I need to be able to do the newer GM’s. Is there any reason not to buy this instead of the MDI? Will I be missing anything?

The Mongoose Pro GM II ALMOST does everything the MDI does. Currently that is:
– Module reflashing with SPS
– Diagnostics with Tech2Win software
– Diagnostics with GDS2 software.

UPDATE: The GDS2 software package includes the data bus diagnostic tool. Using the data bus diagnostic tool, the MDI will allow you to see voltage levels on the data bus, the Mongoose will not. The Mongoose will run the data bus diagnostic tool, but only partially.
Bosch corporate provides no support for installation and use of the MDI with GM software.
Drew does.
This is the big price difference.

Which tool do you recommend performing “advanced functions” on GM Vehicles? The cars I have are a 2003 Monte Carlo SS, and a 2009 Cadillac STS.

In order to perform “advanced functions” on GM Vehicles you are going to need something that talks with all the computers on the GM Vehicle.

The ones that I know of that do this are:

1) GM Tech 2 (will handle everything including programming the computers “updating calibrations”) This tool is being phased out but it’s still supported until they can get the MDI fully operational. Either way this works Stand Alone without a Laptop/PC.

2) GM MDI (Some say there are limitations with some model years but others say it’s better since the updates) Of course using Tech2Win to mimic what the GM Tech 2 does) – This performs like a J2534 Programmer as a Pass Thru Device. DrewTech and companies like Ease Diagnostics make J2534 Pass Thru Devices that will do this as well. And they sell their own flavor of Diagnostics Scan Software. Keep in mind only the GM stuff will do EVERYTHING for GM Vehicles.

3) Snap On Solus (This will do a lot not only on GM Vehicles but others as well. And it can do some of the advanced functions like Automated Brake Bleed on the ABS unit just like the GM Tech 2 and GM MDI) – Keep in mind there are many functions that the Snap On won’t do. The Tech 2 and MDI will allows you the option to access and control everything on GM Vehicles.

4) Mongoose Pro GM II (It can do things as GM MDI does.) Even the cheap Mangoose China clone is able to recover and reprogram modules perfectly and works with the newer h***ed 2017 GDS2!!!

In summary, Magoose Pro GM II features:

Plug and play: yes!

GM diagnostics and programming: confirmed!

Module recover and reprogramming: confirmed!

SPS programming speed: fast!

“Data Bus Diagnostic” Tool software: compatible!

Tech2win, GDS2, SPS: compatible!

Mongoose Pro GM II ALMOST does everything the MDI does!



Caterpillar ET 2011A Windows XP78 Install Tutorial

obd2lily | 01 September, 2018 09:54

I wrote a guide to install it and I uploaded the patch and the drivers here, including how to solve the connection trouble on the Windows XP SP3 computer (Error #434: The requested baud is invalid) This is because you need to patch ET 2011A.

I know that anything isn’t going to work like the original, but at this time is the tool I have in my hands.

For those like me, I upload the files and I put the links on the attach bellow:
Cat ET 2011A PATCH




CP210X USB to UART Driver




Here a leave the instructions:

*   Clean install
*   Install ET 2011A
*   Install FTDI USB to UART Driver
*   Install CP210X USB to UART Driver
*   Open the ET 2011A. Click “Utilities” > “License Cat ET” > Generate code and paste it.
*   If your OS is Windows XP goto step 7 or Windows 7/8 goto step 8.
*   Copy “CommunicationAdapterServer.exe” to “\Program Files\Common Files\Offboard Information Products”
*   ONLY IF WINDOWS 7/8. Open Cat ET 2011A Patch. Select unit and os guest (32 or 64 bits). And click Patch, it would show you Patched it message OK.
*   Reboot computer.
*   Connect USB and bluetooth and wait to install and disconnect them.
*   Go to properties on “My computer”, open hardware management and check USB and bluetooth com port number.
*   Open the ET 2011A and goto Utilities->Preferences->Communications

Select “Heavy Duty Truck diagnostic Scanner Caterpillar Comm Adapter II (Dual Data Link/Serial lP)

Select the same COM port as you noticed in step 11 (USB or bluetooth the one you already connected. 1 only)

It works now. I tested it on a Cat 950G and it show me the 3 ECM, however I’m having trouble to connect with a Cat 416E, I get the message check cable connection, no cable detected.

But it works perfect on a Cat 950G.



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