How to use Xentry DAS on AVDI passthru

obd2lily | 21 April, 2018 18:24


What is the AVDI recognized by Xentry?

Xentry Passthru is different from from regular Xentry openshell. Xentry passthru does not use SDconnect toolkit. When you launch the program it will give you a dropdown where you can choose which J2534 device (can be found at http://www.obd2tool.com/) you want to use.

How to use Xentry Passthru?

If you got the Xentry Passthru installed, there is a tool which will do the dirty work for you.

Normally it is not linked or doesnt have desktop shortcut but resides (at least in my installation)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\xentry\bin\SelectPTDevice

IF you have installed your passthru (would that be AVDI or anything else) with correct drivers, registry entries etc it will just present you with list of options and you select your VCI from dropdown list.

Heard good things about fvdi abrites commander J2534 compatibility (real thing, don’t know about clones) so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Recently i have tried to use BOSCH KTS560 as passthru and it works perfectly okay.

For curiosity, i did also test the 20-euro MiniVCI that gets normally bundled with Toyota techstream packages. to my surprise it also works albeit slow and sometimes freezes the application. This one can be actually made to work even with old DAS like 2009, 2012….it’s just matter of proper settings in cal.ini and slave.ini

For DAS/Xentry users:

Old thread – but do not run the SetPassThruDAS.exe, as it was written for DAS/Xentry for Windows XP, and not Openshell or star diagnose Xentry Passthru. All you need to do is install a fresh OS (Windows 7 Enterprise x86 or x64 SP1) ideally on a physical laptop, connect the AVDI device to the USB port and run the SetupInterface_yourserialnumber_PASSTHRU_xxxxxxx.exe and Next through the setup process. If you have a current version of the Passthru software, you will see a grayed out option for installing drivers for DAS that you cannot select, but do not be concerned about that. It will detect the AVDI, and install the appropriate J2534 dll files in the Windows\System32 directory. Then continue installing your Passthru software provided on the Blu-ray from Daimler. It will take a while to install, and once it verifies your hardware ID and installs your StartKey, launch Xentry Passthru from the icon it creates, and it will prompt you first thing as to what interface you want to use. You will see Abritus72 AVDI PT (your serial number here) in the drop down box. Select that device, and that is all their is to it. Xentry should automatically communicate with the vehicle.



Autel Maxisys Elite vs Autel Maxisys MS908P

obd2lily | 14 April, 2018 12:44

To compare this product with its rival brands, let’s take an example of Autel Maxisys Pro MS908p which offers ECU coding, programming, and extensive coverage. But, a few users have complained that it loses communication with the Audi and VW car models.

Next, if you select an option, it will display — your vehicle doesn’t support this function. This scan tool also provides frequent connection errors. Thus, you will eventually have an utterly disappointing and frustrating experience.

However, the main difference between the Autel Maxisys is the CPU. The CPU of the Autel Maxisys Elite is NVIDIA Tegra Quad-Core Processor 1.8GHz. While The Autel Maxisys Pro ME908p has the Samsung Exynos Quad-Core Processor 1.4GHz.

Thus, if you are looking for a reliable automotive scanner that’s worth your investment, then do not hesitate to buy Autel Maxisys Elite. This brilliant tool will always offer you a fast and excellent performance. But Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P is also a great choice for you if you don’t care much about the speed.

Pros of Autel Maxisys MS908P

Super fast diagnosis
Auto-Vin Technology
Battery Recharge
Extensive Vehicle Coverage
Smart Screen
Sufficient Storage Capacity
Autofocus Camera
Easy Printing
High-Level Configuration
Compact and Light

Cons of Autel Maxisys MS908P

The Professional Diagnostic Tool is not suitable for the low-end mechanics as the operational procedures are quite complicated. It mainly targets professionals in Auto-repairing and Garage Shops.
It is a high-end product and is not affordable to everyone who would want to use.

Autel Maxisys Elite Special Functions

obd2lily | 08 April, 2018 05:41

The Autel Maxisys Elite functions perform various component adaptations, allowing you to recalibrate or configure certain components after making repairs or replacement.

The main section of the Adaptation Operation screen displays a list of operational and vehicle status information, which mainly consists of four parts:

1.  The first part in the top line shows the description of the operation being performed, and the execution status is displayed on the right, such as Completed, or Activated, etc.

2.  The second part shows the preconditions or requirements for executing the operation being selected.

3.  The third part displays the current conditions of the vehicle control module being learned for comparison to the preconditions suggested by the second part. If the current condition of the control module is out of the suggested limit value, you must adjust the vehicle condition to meet the requirement.

4.  The last part displays the instruction of how to use the functional button at the lower right corner of the screen to manipulate the teach-in operations.


Read the information carefully and check the vehicle condition accordingly, when you are sure that the Autel Scanner is ready to perform the adaptation, simply follow the instruction provided to make appropriate selections. When the operation is done, an execution status message such as Completed, Finished or Successful, displays.

Tap the ESC button to exit the function.

Who is Maxisys MS908P Pro Built For

obd2lily | 25 March, 2018 08:57


As it’s clear from the name, it’s a PRO Version of the tool. If you are a novice or a single car owner then it’s not wise pouring your money into this diagnostic system device. And Autel Maxisys Pro, like all other Maxisys it is a high priced diag scanner. Moreover, it was not designed for the individual in mind but to assist the professional automobile repair shops and mechanics.

On the other hand, if you want to close down the deals faster yet reliable you must not miss this device. The performance of this device equals to that of a small team. I give it 100 out of 100. So if you are running a car shop and can afford the price of autel maxisys pro ms908p, you should add it to your toolkit. It’s a value for money piece of equipment.

Should You Buy It Then

Well, No doubt, Autel Scanner Maxisys Pro MS908P is equipped with such an advanced features that no other tool can replace it’s worth. It is an all-rounder tool that is designed to perform multiple tasks like coding, live data displaying, actuation tests, adaptations and many more.

Yet, it is not suitable for everyone. It is designed for the heavy usages and to perform some of the most complicated engine diagnostics. Thus, it is suitable for professionals only. If you are in a car repairing business, I recommend grabbing this tool. Moreover, the after sales services of the company ensures complete customer satisfaction.

In my review, I could not found any current vehicle that the device is not compatible with and the company’s regular updates ensures that it will be compatible with newly launched vehicles as well. So what are you waiting for? Just make an order and double your business.

How to Update Digimaster 3 EBOOT and Kernel

obd2lily | 18 March, 2018 10:51

Update kernel of yanhua digimaster 3 was newly added (one key through updating kernel by SD card), we made some modification on EBBOT program.

Digimaster 3 EBOOT Update:

Click button “8” and “OK” together, then “Press OK to confirm, and if the button “continue update Firmware” appears, it means your device EBOOT program is old version, you need to firstly update EBOOT program and choose a convenient way to update Digimaster 3 kernel.

Digimaster III update kernel

After update EBOOT, it is necessary to update kernel.

Tips: Before update EBOOT, please instal D3 TOOL first.

Step 1: Click button “8” and “OK” together, then power on. The indication of “Press OK to continue and ESC to cancel” will appear on the screen. Press “OK” into Renovation.

Step 2: “Found new hardware” is found in the system when you connect USB cable with the PC.

Step 3: choose “install the software automatically”, click “next”.

Step 4: If DIGIMASTER 3 has been installed already, choose the second “SEC SOC SMDK Board” in dialog box, and click “Next” to complete driver installation.


Step 5: Double-click Digimaster 3 PC Tools and choose “Kernel Update”.



Step 6: Indication ” USB connect succeed “will appear as below after the USB is connected.


Step 7: click “Kernel Update”, choose “EBOOT_20110427.bin” then click “OK” to start digimaster 3 price program update.

Step 8: After 10sec. the DIGIMASTER 3 screen appears a twinkling red ‘YH’ logo which means EBOOT update is complete.

After update obd2 odometer correction EBOOT successfully, please turn the power off and choose an appropriate way to update the kernel.

TIPS: Please unload the anti-virus software and firewall temporarily in order to run the software normally.



Por qu? comprar Autel maxisys elite

obd2lily | 07 March, 2018 10:32

Basado en el sistema operativo Android rápido e intuitivo. Desarrollado por NVIDIA Tegra? 4, el procesador móvil más rápido del mundo, su visualmente asombrosa pantalla Retina de 9,7 "ofrece resoluciones ultra altas de hasta 2048 × 1536 y una variedad optimizada de aplicaciones sofisticadas y potentes. La herramienta de diagnóstico Autel Maxisys Elite realiza rápidamente todos los trabajos, desde diagnósticos y análisis completos de vehículos hasta la programación avanzada de ECU. 2 veces más rápido que cualquier otro dispositivo comparable, el MaxiSys Elite proporciona una mayor duración de la batería y un ahorro de energía inteligente. Ofrece una pantalla capacitiva súper sensible capaz de responder a dedos enguantados, humedecidos e incluso grasientos. La estación de acoplamiento con ángulo ergonómico proporciona una visibilidad óptima y una carga conveniente que elimina los problemas de energía.
Por qué comprar Autel maxisys elite:
1. Escáner superior Autel Genuine, actualización en línea
2. Las mejores técnicas de diagnóstico, soporte de casi todas las marcas de automóviles, taller de equipos de diagnóstico estándar
3. No solo es fácil de usar por software de diagnóstico propio, sino que también funciona en software OEM como xentry odis.
4. El mejor precio y el mejor servicio
Idioma: solo soporte inglés ahora
AUTEL MAXISYS Elite ya ha admitido la función de herramienta de programación de ECU para automóviles BENZ y BMW, si necesita obtener soporte para más modelos de automóviles, debe usar el dispositivo J2534 junto con el software OEM para implementar esta función. El DISPOSITIVO J2534 no solo puede usarse con la herramienta de diagnóstico de automóviles AUTEL MAXISYS Elite, sino que también puede funcionar con otros software OEM
El lector de códigos de escáner de diagnóstico más completo con cobertura de sistema completa para más de 80 marcas y modelos nacionales, asiáticos y europeos de EE. UU.
1.El escáner de códigos admite la solución de problemas de errores y errores de diagnóstico de primera mano y la multitarea integral diseñada para una gestión ideal de las operaciones del taller para mantener bien organizados todos los archivos de datos, la información del cliente y los registros del vehículo.
2.Excepcional herramienta de diagnóstico de funcionalidad OE-Level desde diagnósticos y servicios completos de escáneres OBD2 hasta codificación avanzada de ECU y programación que funciona con una interfaz de paso a través de programación de vehículo compatible con SAE J2534-1 y -2.
3. El sistema automotriz obd2 de escáner y las actualizaciones de software con notificaciones de mensajes instantáneos en tiempo real a través de Internet con soporte técnico de control remoto instantáneo en cualquier momento y lugar, y sesiones interactivas de registro de datos permiten el contacto directo con Autel
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