Who will buy the Autel Maxisys Elite Diagnostic Tool

obd2lily | 18 April, 2019 10:57

If you’re looking for nothing less than the best OBD2 scanner on the market, then look no further than the Autel Maxisys elite scan tool. Autel Scanner is well known for their quality scanner. And the Autel Maxisys is well-known for its speed, multi-tasking, and simplicity. The Autel MS908CV scanner has the same features, but less processor power(means a little bit slow). It is the Upgraded Version of Autel Maxisys MS908P Pro. For the many years that I have repaired and maintained different car models and makes in my car repair shop, this has been one of the most reliable scanners that I have used over the years. Read this Autel Maxisys Elite review to know more about this advanced diagnostic tool.
Who will buy the Autel Maxisys Elite Diagnostic Tool?

The Autel Maxisys elite diagnostic scanner is the perfect scanner for busy and professional mechanics as well as technicians. Let the price not deter you from acquiring this fast, efficient, and comprehensive diagnostic scan tool. You can also use it on a variety of car brands, and its ergonomic design is fun to have in the hands. The Wi-Fi connection makes updating easy and the large LCD displays make reading and erasing codes to be quick.
Technical Specifications of the Autel Maxisys Elite Scanner

Autel Maxisys Elite
Works:     All 1996 and newer vehicles
OS:     Android 4.4.4 KitKat
Display:     9.7” Retina display with 2048X1536 resolution & Capacitive touch screen
Processor:     NVIDIA Tegra? 4 (4-PLUS-1 Quad-core Processor) 1.8GHz with ARM Cortex – A15 CPU
Memory:     2GB RAM & 32GB Embedded Memory
Camera:     Rear: 8.0 Megapixel, Autofocus with Flashlight
Front: 2.0 Megapixel
Sensors:     Ambient Light Sensor, G-sensor
Connectivity:     802.11a/b/g/n/ac WIFI
Version 2.1 3Mbs Bluetooth
RJ45 Ethernet Connection
3.0 USB (2.0 Compatible)
HDMI 1.4a
SD Card (Support up to 32GB)
Audio Input/Output:     Microphone
Dual Speakers
3-Band 3.5 mm stereo/standard headset jack
Input Voltage:     DC/12V/3A
Power and Battery:     3.7V/13600mAH Lithium-polymer battery
DC/12V/3A Power Supply
Power Consumption:     Max 20W
Storage Temperature:     -20 to +70°C
Operating Temperature:     -10 to +55°C
Models:     More than 80 US domestic, Asian and European
WiFi, Bluetooth:     Yes
Protocols:     Most OBD1/OBD2
Check Engine Light(MIL):     Yes
Reads, stores Data:     Yes
Clears codes & resets monitors:     Yes
Playbacks live sensor data:     Yes
Views freeze frame data:     Yes
Remote Control Tech Support:     Yes
Real-Time push message notifications:     Yes
Get transmission codes:     Yes
Software Update:     1 year free update
Warranty:     One year warranty

Solution to Ford VCM2 freezing up when opting parameters

obd2lily | 14 April, 2019 11:27

Question: I am able to use Ford VCM II to read and clear any dtcs etc so it is recognizing vehicle, just freezing up when opting parameters ? I am working on Ford 2014 custom.

I have vcm2 clone.


I’ve had similar before but was on my faulty vcm i think. Freezing is usually because of something which can’t communicate quick enough and ends up timing out.

You could reset the vcm via the red reset button, it’ll force ids to reload the firmware to the vcm which will be whatever firmware you have in the ids that is loaded, v101 I think you said.

You do have the vcm2 clone yes.

Remove the rubber end boot to reveal the button then have that pressed and held then plug usb lead into laptop and wait for beep then let go of the button, ids should prompt you to load the firmware so agree.

Next if the problem persists you need to look at reloading the laptop.

It is possible that the vcm is going though does it show the red padlock and red vcm icon on the task bar or does the lock disappear? Does the vcm show computer light flashing? Do you hear bing bong like it is missing connection?

Can you do a fresh install of w7 and v86 with license? That is the best ids for euro 4 transits if that is what you are working on?

Right it’s not as simple as running native v86 then which was going to be my suggestion.

I have v96 running and it works on my 65 custom.

I don’t want to write your vcm off but the only things you can do is.
Change cables.
Reset vcm.
Change software on laptop.
Change laptop completely.
There maybe vcm diagnostics available in ids but as it is a clone vcm i wouldn’t trust it.

SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine BMW Automobile & Motorcycle Vehicle List

obd2lily | 08 April, 2019 04:57

Look here: what kind of BMW keys can be decoded and cut with SEC-E9 CNC key cutting machine?

BMW automobile:


BMW motorcycle:


Test: SEC-E9 key machine cut key on BMW motorcycle F800 2006-

SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-1 SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-2 SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-3 SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-4 SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-5
SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-6 SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-7 SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-8 SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-9 SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-10

SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-11 SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-12 SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-13 SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-14 SEC-E9-key-machine-cut-key-test-on-BMW-motorcycle-F800-2006-15

CG PRO Reset Odometer on a BMW X1 CAS3 2010 M35080

obd2lily | 06 April, 2019 10:13

Model: BMW X1

Year: 2010

Instrument type: 35080

Immobilizer: CAS3-0L15Y

Device: CGDI CG Pro 9S12 Key Programmer

Purpose: odometer correction



Original odometer: 191,245 km

Step 1: Remove Dash

Turn off ignition.  Remove and disassemble dashboard instrument






Locate chip m35080DOWQ



Step 2: Remove IMMO Box

Remove immo box CAS3-0L15Y



CG-PRO-Reset-Odometer-on-a-BMW-X1-CAS3-2010-M35080-13 CG-PRO-Reset-Odometer-on-a-BMW-X1-CAS3-2010-M35080-14 CG-PRO-Reset-Odometer-on-a-BMW-X1-CAS3-2010-M35080-15

Step 3: Change mileage in dash

Open CGPro software

Solder 080DOWQ chip into CGPRO M35080/35160 adapter


Select Model->Adjust mileage->BMW->35080 V1 (080DQ)


Choose Adjust mileage function icon and enter mileage you desired


Step 4: Correct odometer in Immobilizer

Connect CAS3 0L15Y eeprom IC chip with CG-Pro DB25 connector



In CG Pro software, select Chip->Adjust mileage->BMW->CAS3 0L15Y

Manully enter new mileage you desired

Press YES to confirm


Both dash and immo mileage reset successfully. Reinstall dashboard and immo box to vehicle.


Reset fault codes or do necessary coding with CGDI BMW.

Autel MaxiCOM MK908P vs. MaxiSys Elite vs. MS908P vs. MS908

obd2lily | 01 April, 2019 05:00

What’s the difference among Autel full system diagnostic systems, MaxiCOM MK908P, Autel Maxisys Elite, MS908P and MS908?


In conclusion:

The MK908P is an upgraded version of MS908P, and the difference between them is that MK908P is equipped with more advanced hardware.

*  Processor: The MK908P is processed by the powerful Samsung Exynos hexa-core Processor (1.3GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 + 1.7GHz Dual-core ARM Cortex-A15) while the MS908P is using the Samsung Exynos Quad-Core Processor 1.4GHz.

*  Operating System: Diagnostic scan tool MK908P features Android4.4.2, KitKat operating system that is upgraded from Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.

*  Memory: The MK908P is equipped with 2GB RAM & 64GB on-board Memory, but MS908P only has 32GB on-board memory.

*  Screen Size & Pixel: The Automotive diagnostic scanner MK908P features 101.1 inches LED screen with 1920*1200 resolutions that provides a better user experience than MS908P’s 9.7 inches screen with 1024*768 resolutions.

*  Camera: The camera of MK908P is designed to provide a more detailed images using 8.0 Megapixel, AF with Flashlight.

?Battery Capacity: For a tablet diagnostic tool that is equipped with built-in battery, the battery life greatly affects the integrity of the diagnosis and the user experience. Compared to the Autel Scanner MS908P, the MK908P extends the usage time by increasing battery capacity by 4000mAh.

W215 2003 K-line diagnosis DTS Monaco or Vediamo

obd2lily | 20 March, 2019 07:49

This is for those maybe interested getting DTS 8 or Vediamo v5 working on 2003 Mercedes later.

My configuration:
X230 Lenovo
SD connect C4
No Xentry nor DAS (it seems better to not install this as it can created more probles in test phase)
Just InstallSDconnectToolkit 2.1.30 also have 2.1.14 but not installed (maybe should I use 2.1.14 ? )
and DTS Monaco 8.08.021
IP4 set to dns

My actual settings:


Set up 2 computers for testing:

computer 1)  vediamo 4.02.02  on XP Xentry 09.2014
computer 2) DTS 8.08.21 on Windows 7 x32 clean NO Xentry, No Vediamo, with a custom Toolkit and ToolkitApiDll_4.0.dll in sytem32

Vehicle: W215 2003 V12 Biturbo



I found several source with W215 folder and 1 works, but partially
On the picture you can see, once I apply filter, these are the only few that connect


Only these ecus above turn green

other 20-30 not


The solution in understanding that in 2003 year where there’s no any Vediamo and DTS8

Free solution is using DAS. It solves 99.99% tasks in this kind of vehicles.
Not free solution use other hardware and software.


From Vediamo manual:

CaesarGo: This firmware usually runs directly in the non-volatile memory of your CAESAR hardware, e.g., in Part A or Part Y. Supports older communication protocols as well, e.g., KWFB. The new UDS protocol is not supported.
TLSlave: This firmware runs on the computer used. The faster the computer, the quicker the different communication tasks can be completed (e.g., flash processes). Also allows the simultaneous opening of up to 50 CAN channels. This firmware supports “newer” protocols as well, e.g., UDS.

Good to know: CBF files is not about K-Line. CBF file use also W212 for example. Try to use Vediamo 4 for K-Line ecus.

For newbies: if you are not good at DTS or Vediamo settings, you could get a disk that installed all Mercedes software (Xentry/DAS, DTS, Vediamo, EPC, WIS, etc) before delivery. Tested successfully and plug-and-play!

Look here:


Chart: explains the reason why many are looking for DTS


Online SCN coding not work with Xentry 03.2019

obd2lily | 14 March, 2019 06:43

Have Xentry 03/2018 and my DAS does not ask for login when trying to access online coding, it gives me the following:

scn-coding-not-work-with-xentry-2 scn-coding-not-work-with-xentry-3 scn-coding-not-work-with-xentry-4

It asks for discs after selecting online. The computer has internet access and it works. I have not tried coding on newer car with xentry.
IF I try doing SCN coding, it does the same with this message:


Finally Solved!
SCN coding works, because I have 12-2018 version Das Xentry.


Newest 03-2019 version Das Xentry (SSD version or HDD version)

Where to have Online SCN coding account?
MB Online SCN Coding / Online programming 1 Year Account
One-time service, no Benz dealer ID and password, but remote assistance.
1) After ordering this service, prepare mb sd c4, car, laptop and teamviewer.
2) Send Teamviewer ID and Password to customer service
3) The engineer will access to your laptop to authorize SCN coding function.
4) After finish, the system will display “The SCN coding sequence has been completed successfully”.


Cummins Inline 7 Data Link Adapter

obd2lily | 05 March, 2019 09:53


It’s like adding a turbocharger to Electronic Control Module downloads and uploads. Cummins new INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter has a faster processor, more robust algorithms, larger memory buffers and more sophisticated filtering than previous models while simultaneously accessing multiple vehicle data channels. INLINE 7 supports USB, WiFi and Bluetooth technologies in a single device. Cummins INLINE 7 communicates with your PC and is designed for future capability with mobile products.

The INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter is designed to function with a wide array of Cummins, OEM and third-party service and information tools, including the following:

*   Cummins INSITE
*   Cummins PowerSpec
*   Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link
*   CAT Electronic Technician (On-Highway only)
*   Navistar? -ServiceMaxx Fleet Pro
*   Volvo PTT
*   VCAD Elite Mack/Volvo
*   V-Mac Service Tools
*   Allison DOC? For PC Service Tool
*   Allison DOC? for Fleets (1000/2000/3000/4000)
*   Eaton ServiceRanger
*   Bendix ACom
*   WABCO Toolbox
*   Freightliner ServiceLink
*   International DLB, Intune, and IPC v2.02
*   International ServiceMaxx
*   PF-Diagnosis
*   … and many more!

The Heavy Duty Truck diagnostic Scanner INLINE 7 data link adapter communicates with your PC using a Universal Serial Bus (USB)

through a standard USB connector as well as through WiFi or Bluetooth. INLINE 7 is fully compliant with the Technology and Maintenance Council’s RP1210 standard and supports three simultaneous CAN connections and offers baud rates of 250k, 500k and 1 megabaud. INLINE 7 supports several other protocols such as J1708, J1587, ISO 15765, ISO 9141 (K and L line).
Industrial-Strength Design.

Cummins INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter incorporates strain relief secure cables for a robust connection. The rugged carrying case provides extra protection for the most demanding service environments. The main unit comes with a full one-year warranty against software and hardware malfunction.


Everything you need from locking USB cable, 6-Pin, and 9-Pin Deutsch Wye adapter with security chip, 3-pin Cable, and rugged storage case is included in the complete INLINE 7 kit.

How Does Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 Work with TPMS MX-Sensors

obd2lily | 24 February, 2019 22:36

As we all know, Tire pressure has a significant impact on safety of the whole car, Many countries have mandated to install TPMS in cars to reduce traffic accidents. So, how much do you know about TPMS?

When the TPMS warning light is on, it may indicate low tire pressure or a broken sensor. And that could be the source of the accident.

In order to turn off TPMS light and solve the problem, you are recommanded to use Autel TS601 to scan all sensors to confirm if TPMS sensor is working or not.


First, Power up TS601and choose “TPMS” from the main menu.


Select car make, model and year to enter the sensor activation screen

(Here we choose Porsche Cayenne 2010 as an example)


Take a walk around the car to each tire and point the tool at the valve stem


Then press “trigger” button


If the TPMS sensors are good and reading is successful, TS601 will display the sensors information onscreen.


In this case, the TPMS light is probably caused by low tire pressure, you should check the test result on TS601 to find out which low pressure tire and Inflate the tire solve the problem.

If the sensors is bad, TS601 can not read out the information, it will indicate that sensor is broken eigher mechanically or electronically.



In this case, you need to replace original sensor with a new one and program the original sensor IDs or create a new generated ID to the new sensor.

How to Clone a set of TPM Sensors IDs?

Using TS601 Scan tool and 433MHz MX-Sensors.



Use TS601 to activate the broken OE sensor and retrieve the sensor ID then you can program to the MX-Sensor.


when the original sensor is not transmitting any more


Connect the TS601 to your vehicle via OBDII cable and retrieve the sensor ID from the car system.

Choose “Read IDs from Vehicle” on System Menu



Insert the new MX-Sensor and program the copied ID



Manually input the original sensor ID to TS601


Then program it to MX-Sensor


Since the new sensors are programmed with the same original sensor IDs, and installed to the same position, no TPMS relearn procedure is needed after replacement.

When the original TPMS sensor is electronically broken or missing, you can also useTS601 to create a new set of TPMS sensors with new IDs:

Choose “TPMS” function on main menu

Select car make, model and year, insert the new MX-Sensors to TS601 slot

Choose “Auto create”


Because it is new unique ID, you need to perform TPMS relearn so that it can recognize the new sensors.

That’s all steps to help solve all TPMS problem!

How to program key fob using Tech 2 scan tool

obd2lily | 16 February, 2019 04:16

You will need a GM Tech 2 Scan Tool with it’s 32MB card (updated) and the CANdi module. I have seen the pair sell for as cheap as $224 on Obd2tool.com and as much as $3000 off eBay.

Btw, if you look for a decent tool for use only, it’s ok to have a cheap but functional china clone.

Seems like the old answers are a cheaper and easier solution.
1. Have a GM dealer do it
2. Have a locksmith do it
3. Buy the Dorman part that comes with a programming module for less than $80.

Those options are cheaper if you do not have a Tech 2. This is why you will expect to pay for a Tech 2.

Which is like saying it is cheaper to take my car to the shop and have them change the water pump for $100 instead of me going to sears and spending $250 on a cool set of craftsman tools and a toolbox and doing the work myself. Personally, I am heading to Sears, because those tools will keep on saving me money for the rest of my life.

Yes, the Tech 2 does other things besides programming a key fob and you really would have to be a chevy buff / mechanic before it would be worth buying one. The tech 2 is not for everyone.

The Tech 2 is a powerful, versatile hand-held diagnostic computer, designed to help diagnose and repair automotive electronic systems.The Tech 2 supports the changes in the on-board electronic systems for model years 1992 to 2013. With the addition of the CAN Diagnostic Interface (CANdi) module, Tech 2 will support GM on-board electronic systems thru 2013.

The CANdi is an in-cable module that works with existing Tech 2 components including the VCI, cables and adapters to add CAN diagnostic capability to the Tech 2 tester. The CANdi module is fully backward compatible with current Tech 2 functionality and operates transparently when diagnosing non-CAN-equipped vehicles.

The Tech 2 has since been replaced with GM MDI

VCDS 18.9 Update for VAG Com Original VCDS 18.9.0 Register Interface

obd2lily | 08 February, 2019 23:53

VCDS 18.9.0 updated, VAG-COM VCDS 18.9.0 version includes support for new 2019 model cars,as well as a number of other enhancements and improvements. VCDS 18.9 can update online directly for who have VCDS 18.2.1 VAG-COM Cable. VCDS 18.9.0 release works with VAG-COM from Obd2tool.com & all genuine Ross-Tech interfaces made since 2004, but support for 2019 model cars requires a current register interface.

VAG-COM-V18.9-VCDS-18.9-2 VAG-COM-V18.9-VCDS-18.9-3

VCDS 18.9 Software Overview:
Software Version: VCDS 18.9
Release VCDS 18.9 operating system: works with Windows 7, 8, and 10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
Earlier versions of Windows such as 2000, XP, and Vista might still work, but we no longer consider them supported.
VCDS does not work on “Windows 10 S”, which does not allow software to be installed from any source other than the Microsoft Store. If wish to use VCDS on a computer with this “Student” version of Windows, you’ll need to upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro.
Windows running in a VM (Parallels, Virtual Box, etc) may work but is not supported.
Windows 95, 98, ME, and NT4 definitely will not work.
VCDS Release 18.9 compatible hardware: must be used with a licensed Ross-Tech interface.
That include all genuine HEX-, KEY-, KII-, or Micro-CAN series Interface of interfaces.
It does not work with any third-party interfaces or some of the older “low-tech” interfaces we made and sold before 2004.

Need VCDS 18.9.0 VAG-COM VCDS 18.9 Ross-Tech Register Interface Ross-Tech VCDS genuine interface just contact us freely.

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Correct Odometer for Maserati Ghibli 2014

obd2lily | 04 February, 2019 06:46

This article show a test case on how to use OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS to correct odometer for Maserati Ghibli 2014.


And for more X300 DP Plus test please check here:OBDSTAR X300 Plus test cases,for more odometer correction check: Mileage Correction Cases


Connect OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Programmer to vehicle via OBD,select “Diag Program”

Select “Cluster Calibrate”







GHIBLI 95160


Mileage Calibrate

This function is available by connecting the server,please ensure the internet connection is normal.

Then input the name of file to save,here input “MSLD0000” and tab “Enter” to continue


The current mileage of 4001km(error does not exceed 20KM)? Press ENTER to continue,Press ESC to exit.


Now input the mileage value you want,here input “39915”,then tab “Done”


Then OBDSTAR X300 PAD2 Plus will prompt you “calibration complete”


Check the mileage value “39880”



How to Use BMW EF Scanner Read BMW ISN Code for CAS1-3+

obd2lily | 29 January, 2019 07:34

This article show a guide on how to use bmw diagnostic tool E/F Scanner to read BMW ISN coding for BMW CAS1-CAS3+ system.

BMW E/F Scanner Interface:

V2018.12 BMW E/F Scanner II Full Version (Recommend)
2013.07V E/F SCANNER For BMW

The BMW Explorer program has a possibility of reading a code of synchronization of ISN (all versions of CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3+).

Go to the CAS control unit, “Additional functions”, “Reading ISN”

In the opened window ISN will be displayed.

If the machine is equipped with the EWS3 system where 2 bytes of the constant part and the change are used, it will be displayed in the window 2 bytes of ISN DME (the upper 3 windows will be empty), if necessary they can be changed.

If the machine uses the EWS4 system, then 16 bytes of constant synchronization are used and there is no variable part.

Also after 2006, CAS3 uses an anti-theft code for EGS

If there is an EWS3 system in the car, then this code is the same with the engine control unit, if the machine already has an EWS4 system, then EGS uses separate 2 bytes

The program is in place of the engine ISN, it will display the gearbox code .. as in the picture below


BMW E-sys Software Function for BMW Features

obd2lily | 25 January, 2019 08:29

What is BMW E-sys?

BMW E-sys is a BMW coding software application distributed by BMW Group for BMW F series coding.And with BMW E-sys software you can active or disable the BMW features by yourself.

BMW E-sys Software Function for BMW Features:

1.Lock unlock sound confirmation

2.Can operate the navigation menu including watching dvd when driving

3.Display engine output and torque meter ( purely fun, look engine output )

4.Cancel confirmation screen big screen boot delay

5.Open the voice recognition function

6.Three kind of bluetooth phone ringtones ( personality only )

7.Increasing the cic memory address to 50

8.The glass automatically rise to the top process is not terminated by the car door

9.The digital speed display ( fun only )

10.Air-conditioned memory of the last off state

11.Indoor cycling memories of the last time the state when engine off


More coding feature for BMW,please check:

Do you know 25 kinds of DIY BMW Coding by BMW E-SYS?

BMW E-sys Support BMW Vehicle List:

BMW F series , the new 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series , GT, X3

BMW E-sys Compatible Interface:

BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface (Recommend)



Note:BMW ICOM A2 and BMW ICOM NEXT is a dealer level diagnostic tool for BMW group,it can not only run BMW E-sys,but also for other BMW diagnostic tool:BMW ISTA,WinKFP,Expert,BMW Diagnostic Tool….And if you just a BMW user and DIY for BMW hidden feature,here recommend to get BMW ENET,and for enthusiast DIYers,check this article to make a BMW ENET cable by yourself:How Build a BMW ENET Coding Cable by Yourself

BMW E-sys vs BMW Carly vs BimmerCode

BMW Esys vs Carly vs BimmerCode

Esys vs Carly

Carly: not for coding; E sys: coding success

I have been using Carly on my F30 for over a year, but not for coding, as that’s still not supported on Android. Carly can read and clear diagnostic codes and a host of other things that E-Sys isn’t meant to do. I recommend going to their website and checking on its capabilities there. From what they’ve told me, their F-chassis coding will probably be limited to the KOMBI module (dashboard items), but it may expand to include HU-ENTRY/CIC/NBT/NBT2 and FEM_BODY in the future.

It’s a simple connect (via their BT adapter), read coding data, select features to activate or deactivate (or change values), then push back into the module. Same as E-Sys but with a much more simplified interface. It allows you to save the module coding data as a backup, just like E-Sys. It worked great for coding on E-chassis cars, so I’m hoping it will be the same for F-Chassis, although they’ve had quite a bit of time to get things working and so far, coding with Android still isn’t fully tested yet. I’ve since used E-Sys for coding my F30 and the wife’s F23.

BMW E-Sys works better than Carly app in Fxx coding

I used Carly for my wife’s previous E88 128 convertible and it worked great – no having to do one item at a time, etc. Not quite sure what the problem is with the F-cars, because the principle is the same – read coding data, modify, write coding data. Apparently the new “network” and whatever read/write protocol that implies is far different than the CANbus of the E-series cars.

By comparison, E-Sys has improved vastly over the past year or two and coding both my F30 and the wife’s new F23 was relatively easy, particularly since you can save the coding data, disconnect, take the computer inside to do the modifications on a copy of the saved data, then reconnect and push the data back using the modified file. No more sitting in the car searching for the feature to be coded while the engine’s idling.

Carly adapter– Bluetooth; E sys ENET cable– Ethernet to OBD

Actually, the Carly adapter is Bluetooth. E-Sys looks for a connection via the ethernet port on your laptop. It won’t recognize BT at all – at least, I’ve not been able to make it do so. If your laptop doesn’t have an ethernet/RJ45 connector, you’ll need to find a device that does. Pretty sure that you can’t use a USB-to-ethernet adapter, either.

BimmerCode vs Esys

Bimmercode plus vgate = ?50 (roughly)
E-sys + pro launcher = $50 for 2.5 years

BimmerCode for quick convenience
ESys for fully featured use.

PSdZData is for use with E_Sys, which is for F/G/I Series cars only. For E-Series cars, the tools are all different, different software, and different cable.

BMW E-sys Coding for BMW Tutorial:

How to do BMW F15 X5 FDL Coding by E-Sys and ENET Cable?

BMW VO Coding steps with E-Sys and ENET Cable

How to program BMW F series FA via E-SYS?

E-sys software code KOMBI to build 6WB in BMW F10 2010

BMW Coding Tool E-SYS Errors and Solutions

E-sys ENET cable coding LED head lamps off to 2015 F80

BMW E-sys ENET Cable Reflash ZGM(solved)

BMW F30 F31 variable changes using E-sys

E-sys 3.26.1 Disable the BMW F10 LED Sidemarkers

BMW Fxx-Ixx-Gxx-series Coding Guides, Tips, & Cheat Sheets

BMW E-sys Installation Operation System Requirement:

Processor: Pentium 4-Techner with minimum 1GHz clock frequency

RAM: at least 512MB

Hardware interface: (CAN / FD, Ethernet, …)

Java version (secured with): 64 bit

Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit

Driver for HW interfaces: see ProDiaS Release notes

BMW E-sys 3.33.0 Release notes:

E-sys 3.33.0
Psdz 5.07.01
Prodias: 3.4.0

Infos – Bitte beachten:

During the vehicle programming with E-Sys, no further applications should be excuted in parallel on the flash processor

This includes, in particular, background processes, such as the indexing service for desktop search or automatic defragmentation services

sys is current not supported under Windows 10. Workaround for display problems under Windows 10: E-sys.exe->Properties->Compatibility->Override behavior at high DPI scaling->Scaling performed by “System”

Quality Center (edited points):

14206 – certmanagement: failed to convert Json Response from CBB to internal PSdZObject

14421 – Error in seen in LOG after the import of an RSU container

14423 – FDL: Datentype yte isn’t checked

14570 – Mme-Type for Deltamap is unknown

14719 – Cermanagement: CSRs can only be read from ECU in Expert Mode

14835 – Certmanagement: Json-File is necessary although the XML-binding and SVT are located

14998 – E-sys : Load SVT file behaves differently with SVT-IST and SVT-Soll

Quality Center (open points):

12616 – Import error after KC update with RSU PDX template

14192 – Display Problems with E-sys on Windows 10

14232 – Import of corrupt containers

14382 – no OMITEC connection at E-sys 3.32.1/PSDZ 5.6.1

14770 – TAL Status Viewer: Flowchart is only displayed if filename starts with “TAL”

14954 – PSLZ created and stored TAL filters can not be loaded or edited in E-sys

12981 – Adding a own attribute at the xml-Namespace of a SVT-file

15012 – Faulty E-sys function – Create FA from short VIN

15024 – E-sys loggt User Name

Change requests and small changes:

CR3565 – Esys support forsecureECU model LSI

CR3566 – Esys support for centificate management 2021 and SEC-OC

CR3640 – Esys: SVT cannot be saved or opened with the special character “#” in the file name

CR3647 – Integration of the SVT update function into the module Tal generation

CR3681 – Esys – Adaptations resulting from modified TAL-Schema (IDR for ISTA)

CR3707 – Esys: new SVT scheme due to SFA/SecOc

KA3720 – For generated TAL files, Esys should determine the scheme version attribute from the version value of TAL xsd

CR3724 – Esys: Implementation: deal with file-based SWEn

KA3727 – In the coding verification in Esys, the selection of several FA entries should be possible

KA3735 – RSU Delta containers should be accepted when importing to Esys (writing the psdadata xml)

CR3817 – Customize Esys released notes and welcome screen for privacy, and complete Diaglog settings

CR3829 – Esys customization to create an RSU KC (changed SSK)

KA3852 – Esys-Log should write off the vehicle order used in the TAL processing as a file name so that you can understand this later

KA3904 – Esys: Link how to se the module certmanagement at Esys Help

KA3934 – Esys: Adaptation to new SVT scheme (PSdZ-CR3907)

MB STAR C3 not works any modules 12v e 24v

obd2lily | 10 January, 2019 11:26

Mb Star C3 connect with notebook but no connect and no working to any modules to Cars or Trucks.



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